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Local Interests

Tour all the attractions of Cleveland and Akron Ohio!

Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom - If you're looking for jaw-dropping rides that twist, spin, drop, and plummet, you've come to the right place! Add in the waterslides of the Wildwater Kingdom and you have a theme park that the whole family will love. For one admission fee, enter this theme park in Aurora Ohio and take on the more than fifty rides with names like Ripcords and Texas Twister. Ride the watery log flumes, go tubing down the rocking river, or splash down Shipwreck Falls. This is an excellent way to cool off on a hot summer's day, whether you bob in Tidal Wave Bay, the 30,000-square-foot pool, or fly through the air in the roller coaster. You'll also find milder rides for small children at the park. local1
Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom
Pro Football Hall of Fame - Celebrate the history of American football in Canton Ohio, the city that launched the formation of the American Professional Football Association (later renamed the NFL) in 1920. Each year, the very best retired players of the National Football League are elected to the Hall of Fame. Visitors to the Hall can attend an induction ceremony or tour the artifacts and memorabilia that's housed in this modern building. See the Super Bowl Room, the Enshrinement Gallery, and mementos from inductees. Practice throwing a football or calling a game in the interactive area, then learn about the history of this fascinating game. local2
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame - Whether you're a musician, a rock-and-roll fan, or just a lover of history, you'll find plenty to enjoy at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Tour through exhibits that focus on the blues, gospel, rhythm & blues, country, folk, and bluegrass, then learn about rock greats like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, and Jimi Hendrix. See artifacts from important artists, read about the importance of Motown and Soul Music, and peruse the Hall of Fame, listening to more than 30,000 songs from the collected works of every inductee. See Janis Joplin's Porsche, a Little Richard jacket, and a velvet stage outfit worn by Keith Moon of The Who. The exhibits are constantly changing so you're sure to see something new every time you visit the Hall of Fame. local3
Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - Wow, what amazing animals! Pay a visit to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and be astounded by the range of creatures -- more than 3,000 to be exact. With more than 600 species in the zoo, as well as the largest collection of primate species in North America, this zoo is dedicated to saving animals and their habitats around the globe. When you visit the zoo, you can stroll through themed areas like the African Savanna with its lions and elephants, the Australian Adventure where you'll see koala bears and kangaroos, and the Northern Trek area with grizzly bears, polar bears, and wolves. Visit the Primate, Cat and Aquatics Building, see the colorful birds of the RainForest, or stop by Waterfowl Lake. Afterwards, enjoy a show with zoo staff at the amphitheater. local4
Cleveland Metroplex Zoo
Woodside Lake Park
2486 Frost Rd.
Streetsboro, OH 44241
Toll Free: (866)241-0492
Phone: (330)626-4251
Fax: (330)626-9959

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